Students In His Service: This is a summer community service volunteer scholarship for students grades 1-12 who will be attending an Upper Columbia Conference School next year. It is a three-way scholarship sponsored by the UCC Office of Education, UCC Adventist Community Services grant funds and the student’s local church. For guidelines, an application, and contact information, click the link above.

A scholarship can be a great motivator, knowing that a student has been recognized for some effort, hard work, and for dedicating their time and efforts. Without a financial award, a student financially might not have been able to attend a school of their choice. A scholarship is another opportunity to help a student give back … by being a role model for kids to look up to.

Below are links to scholarship resources:

  1. Upper Columbia Conference Scholarship resources – click here.
  • palisades christian academy

    1115 N. Government Way

    Spokane, Washington 99224

    Phone: 509-325-1985

    Fax: 509-324-8904

  • Spokane Valley SDA School

    1603 S Sullivan Road

    Spokane Valley, Washington 99037

    Phone: 509-926-0955

    Fax: 509 926-5868

  • Upper Columbia Academy

    (9-12) BOARDING

    3025 E Spangle Waverly Rd

    Spangle, Washington 99031

    Phone: 509-245-3600

    Fax: 509-245-3643

  • Upper Columbia Academy Elementary School

    3025 Spangle-Waverly Rd

    Spangle, Washington 99031

    Phone: 509-245-3629

    Fax: 509-245-3690