health ministry

Heath Ministries is not only about assisting our members with living healthier, happier lives; it is also about reaching out to the surrounding community. 

Convenience plays a large factor in the way we eat.

In the race to provide the fastest food at the lowest cost, store our bodies pay the price to satisfy hunger.

Excessive consumption of heavily rationed foods with high calorie counts can affect more than just the waistline. When we feed our appetite and not the body as a whole, we miss an opportunity to consume essential vitamins and nutrients to fuel our bodies.

As we lose this fuel, mental and physical aptitude can be deterred.

The crash

Our bodies work overtime to break down fatty, processed foods. As a result, we experience the crash – at work, at home, in the car etc. We feel lethargic, sleepy, and have lost that energy to keep us going during the day. This is where food can have a negative effect on our skeletal structure.

When we are sleepy, we slouch. Slouching for a long period of time can compromise our posture. Bending forward or leaning backward can stress the neck, spine, and lower back.

This isn’t to say sleepiness and poor posture are based solely on food, but it can be a major factor. It is also one that can easily be changed and boost energy naturally throughout the day.

While it is typical to try and replace the lack of energy with junk food, natural energy is the most efficient and healthy source of stimulation.

This energy can come from foods that provide nutrients for the body as well as staying active throughout the day.

Natural Energy from Food

Prepare meals to take to work and utilize leftovers. Follow these steps throughout the day: Eat like a King for Breakfast, a Prince for Lunch, and a Pauper for Dinner.


Start each day off with a hearty, healthy breakfast. Eggs, grains, fruits will provide the body with energy that is easy to digest.


Eat a simple lunch with vegetables and light protein and carbs – avoid overeating. Snack frequently throughout the day with vegetables, fruits, almonds, or trail mix. Avoid trips to the soda machine/snack machine.


Dinner should not be an all-out feast. A heavy dinner can upset the stomach, which disturbs digestion, and sleep. Fish is a great source of protein and can provide the body with essential vitamins and Omega-3 fatties. A salad with light dressing and vegetables complement fish well.

Instead of deciding what to eat 5 minutes before lunch break, a little planning can go a long way in the way we fuel our bodies. This renewal of energy is a healthy way to fuel the body during the day and can even be friendly on the wallet.

The right food choices, combined with regular exercise and good sleep, among other things, will lead to an overall healthy lifestyle. Get started today.